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Disability & Workers' Compensation Evaluations

If you have a client who may have a disability which does not allow them to work then an evaluation needs to be performed.

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Disability & Workers' Compensation Evaluations


What is a Disability Evaluation?
What is a Workers' Compensation Evaluation?

What does the Report Include?


What is a Disability Evaluation?
Since the 1930s, the federal government has funded "income maintenance" programs for persons who, because of a physical or mental disability, are unable to engage in substantial gainful employment. A disability evaluation then, assesses an individual's ability to engage in substantial gainful employment. The individual is assessed on a number of psychological factors including, but not limited to, emotional stability or mood, memory, energy, emotional liability, cognitive impairments or psychosis. The evaluations assess if any of these factors contribute to a deterioration in their ability to engage in substantial gainful employment. That is, does an individual have a restriction of activities in daily living, have difficulties in maintaining social functioning with others, have deficiencies in concentration and persistence resulting in a failure to complete tasks or have a substantial risk of deteriorating in work-like situations which causes the individual to withdraw from that situation or experience exasperated signs and symptoms.

What is a Workers' Compensation Evaluation?
An individual who has suffered psychological or emotional impairment or distress due to a work-related injury can be compensated. Additionally, an individual can be judged to have a work-related psychological injury, without any physical injuries, if the job is assessed as being sufficiently stressful, if conditions existed which contributed to a significant increase in emotional distress for the individual and if the individual is assessed as having developed a psychological disorder as a result of this work-related stress.

California workers' compensation rules require that the examiner assess the impact of mental injury on eight areas:

1) The ability to comprehend and follow instructions
2) The ability to perform simple repetitive tasks, including the ability to manage concrete activities and to make decisions based on simple sensory data
3) The ability to maintain work pace appropriate to workload, including the ability to perform activities on schedule, to be punctual, and to have regular attendance and to complete a regular workweek
4) The ability to perform more complex and varied tasks
5) The ability to relate to other people beyond giving and receiving instructions
6) The ability to influence people effectively and consistently
7) The ability to make generalizations and decisions without immediate supervision
8) The ability to accept and carry out responsibility for direction, control and planning

What does the report include?

The reports address the following areas in sufficient detail:

  • Social History
  • Pertinent psychiatric, medical and substance abuse history
  • Thorough Mental Status Exam and current level of functioning
  • A statement of the ability to work full-time (8 hour day or 40 hour week) or part-time (less than 8 hour day or 40 hour week)
  • Test Results
  • A statement of the ability to perform simple and complex tasks
  • A statement of non-confidentiality
  • A statement of the level of any impairments that could impair the individual from performing work-related activities
  • A statement of the level of any cognitive or memory impairments
  • A statement for the ability to interact with others in a work situation
  • A statement of the ability to keep pace with a full-time work day or week
  • A statement of whether an individual is able to manage funds independently
  • A psychological DSM-IV-TR diagnosis

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