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Welcome to MIND GAMES. For your entertainment, I hope you enjoy the following mind games below. Have fun.





Little Jon and Little Jane have $1.15 in coins. They can't make change for a dollar, a half dollar, a quarter, a nickel or a dime.
What coins do they have?Answer

Math Letter
What digits do A and M represent in this correct equation?
MA + A = AM Answer

Birthday Bash
Colleen asked Devon if she'd cut her birthday cake into 8 pieces, using only 3 straight cuts, and without moving any pieces as she cuts.
How can she do it? Answer

Mirror, Mirror, what do you see?

What is this? Answer


What animal do you see? Answer

Letter Box
Can you figure out what these letters mean? Answer



The answer is a half dollar, a quarter and four dimes.Top

Math Letter
The answer is M = 8 A = 9.Top

Birthday Bash
Use the first two cuts to cut an X in the top of the cake. Now there are 4 pieces. Make the third
cut horizontally, making the cake two layers, giving a total of 8 slices.Top

Mirror, Mirror what do you see?
It could be a woman looking into the mirror or a skull. Can you see both images?. Top

It could be a rabbit or a duck. The duck is looking left and the rabbit is looking right. Top

Letter Box
Sky = Sky High--Doubt = Shadow of a Doubt--OR = Double or Nothing-- KNOT = Square Knot--Hay = Hay Stack--Dothepe = The Inside Dope--Ruckus = Raising a Ruckus-- 0TV = Nothing on TV--Road = Rail Road Crossing Top

Test your Response time!

Click on "Start" first, and wait until the background color changes. As soon as it changes, hit "stop!"

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