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A Rehabilitation Diversion Program for Juveniles and Adults
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Contact us today to learn more about our CHANCE-M Diversion Program! Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is eager to assist you in understanding the benefits and tailored support this program offers. At Psychwest, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized, effective solutions through our comprehensive diversion programs. Let us help you explore the CHANCE-M Diversion Program and how it can make a positive impact on individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health needs involved in the criminal justice system. Reach out to us now, and together we'll explore the possibilities for rehabilitation, reintegration, and lasting success.
Comprehensive habilitation & assessments, navigating change through education & mentoring (chance-m)

A Community Educational, Diversion, Habilitation & Reintegration Program
Decreasing Recidivism For Juveniles and Adults

CHANCE-M Diversion Program: Comprehensive Support for Rehabilitation and Reintegration


The Comprehensive Habilitation & Assessments, Navigating Change through Education & Mentoring (CHANCE-M) program is a community-based educational, diversion, habilitation, and reintegration program designed to decrease recidivism for adults and juveniles with cognitive developmental disabilities and mental health needs. The program focuses on addressing the unique challenges faced by these individuals when they are involved in the criminal justice system, providing tailored support services to facilitate their rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

Diversion Programming

The Comprehensive Habilitation & Assessments, Navigating Change (CHANCE-M) is the diversion assessment program that works closely with the courts to identify suitable candidates for diversion programming. This includes individuals with cognitive developmental disabilities (Penal Code § 1001.22), mental disorders (Penal Code § 1001.36), and felony and misdemeanor offenders (Penal Code § 1001.36).

• Chapter 2.5 Special Proceedings in Narcotics and Drug Abuse Cases - Penal Code § 1000 - 1000.65
• Chapter 2.7 Misdemeanor Diversion Penal Code § 1001 - 1001.9, Chapter 2.9 Diversion of Misdemeanor Offenders Penal Code § 1001.50 - 1001.55, and Chapter 2.96. Court Initiated Misdemeanor Diversion Penal Code § 1001.95 - 1001.97
• Chapter 2.6 Deferred Entry of Judgment Reentry Program 1000.8 - 1000.10
• Chapter 2.8 Individuals with Cognitive Developmental Disabilities - Penal Code § 1001.20 - 1001.34
• Chapter 2.8A Individuals with Mental Disorders - Penal Code § 1001.35 - 1001.36
• Chapter 2.9C Military Diversion Program - Penal Code § 1001.80
• Chapter 2.9D Theft and Repeat Theft Crimes Diversion or Deferred Entry of Judgment Program Penal Code § 1001.81 - 1001.82

Educational Programming

CHANCE-M provides a wide range of educational services to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful reintegration. These offerings include legal education, goal development, substance abuse training, responsibility training, life skills planning, schema and core belief development, social development, and peer connections.

Mentoring Care Program

The mentoring program focuses on leadership development, role modeling, goal-setting, communication skills, emotional support, and modeling prosocial behaviors. It includes both one-on-one mentoring and connecting the participant to positive networking and community connections.

Mental Health Therapeutic Services

The program provides various therapeutic services, such as individual cognitive-behavioral therapy, trauma support therapy, family therapy, mental health management, anger and stress management, substance abuse treatment, and schema therapy.

Program Evaluation and Improvement

Continuous program evaluation and improvement are essential components of CHANCE-M. Procedures are in place for data collection, monitoring, and reporting, enabling the measurement of the program's success and making data-driven decisions to improve its effectiveness.

Our Committment!

The CHANCE-M program is committed to providing comprehensive support to individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health needs who are involved in the criminal justice system. By addressing their unique challenges and offering tailored interventions, the program aims to reduce recidivism and promote positive reintegration into the community. Through ongoing evaluation and improvement, CHANCE-M strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these individuals, fostering safer and more inclusive communities for all.
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