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Psychwest, clinical & forensic psycholgy, inc

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Forensic Team

Division I: Forensic Evaluators

Our Forensic Evaluators in Division I are licensed professionals with extensive experience in assessment and testing procedures. They are responsible for assessing each client's competency capabilities, including the intake assessment and all subsequent assessments during the course of the program. They make appropriate recommendations regarding the intensity and frequency of training, and diligently monitor the progression of each client during their training. Evaluators also play a crucial role in determining if a client is mentally competent to stand trial, assessing clients' progress in the MCAT Program and CHANCE-M Program, and performing other forensic evaluations and consultations.

Craig West, Psy.D., CEO, Senior Forensic Evaluator

Fereshte Mirzad, Psy.D., Forensic Evaluator

Division II: Mental Competency Trainers and Diversion Mentoring Specialists

Division II comprises dedicated managers and trainers who are responsible for executing the individualized training programs outlined by the Division I team. They ensure the effective education and execution of both the MCAT and CHANCE-M programs, working closely with clients to help them achieve their goals and overcome any barriers they may face.

Barbara Marques, Program Manager

Alfredo Valenzuela, Regional Manger

Division III: Operations Specialists

Our Operations Specialists in Division III focus on program development, scheduling, managing statistical information, program evaluation, and other administrative tasks. Managers and designated staff members consult with various agencies (e.g., regional centers, day programs, residential homes, hospitals, jails, probation departments, courts, etc.) to maximize compliance and ensure that all goals are met appropriately.

Brandi Pomeroy, Operations Manager

Continuous Advanced Professional Skills Development for Our Team

At Psychwest, Inc., we prioritize the ongoing development and training of our employees. We are dedicated to ensuring our team members develop advanced skills and expertise in their specific field of service. All staff members participate in training and attend regular staff meetings to stay up-to-date on job responsibilities, company policies and procedures, and advancements in the field of developmental disabilities and mental health. Our training cover client safety procedures, emergency situations, legal rights, and working effectively with persons with developmental disabilities and mental health needs.

We are committed to continually improving our programs and services. Regular meetings between and among divisions facilitate staff training and promote collaboration to monitor and increase client program success. Feedback from all divisions is gathered and implemented to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our program as a whole, as well as the progress of individual clients. Our professional forensic team works in harmony, leveraging each division's expertise to deliver exceptional forensic services tailored to the unique needs of our clients.
Senior Forensic Evaluator

Craig West, Psy.D., CEO


Forensic Evaluator


20 + Years

Professional Experience

Dr. Craig West, the founder of Psychwest, Clinical & Forensic Psychology, Inc., is a renowned clinical psychologist with extensive experience and expertise in the forensic field. He established Psychwest with a vision to provide top-quality clinical and forensic services to the community and the courts.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. West has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, both in his practice and in the development of innovative programs, such as the Mental Competency Assessment and Training (MCAT) Program and the CHANCE-M diversion program. These initiatives have had a significant positive impact on the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health needs involved in the criminal justice system.

Dr. West’s dedication to the field is also evident in his involvement in the continuous advancement of skills and knowledge for professionals through continuing education and consultation services. His leadership at Psychwest has fostered a diverse and talented team of professionals who share his passion for delivering exceptional services and support to clients.

As an expert in his field, Dr. Craig West has been a guiding force in shaping the future of forensic psychology, and his ongoing work continues to transform the lives of those he serves.

Forensic Experience

Forensic Evaluations:

• Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations (PC §1368,1372(a) Certifications, WIC 709 juvenile competency evaluations)
• Mental State at the Time of the Offense Evaluations (PC §1027)
• Restoration of Sanity Evaluations (PC §1026.2/1026.5)
• Developed the Mental Competency Assessment & Training (MCAT) Program for Juveniles and Adults
• Developed the Diversion Program, Comprehensive Habilitation  & Assessments, Navigating Change Through Education & Mentoring (CHANCE-M): A community Educational, Diversion, Habilitation & Reintegration Program – Decreasing Recidivism for Juveniles and Adults
• Sex Offender Evaluations (PC §288.1) & Sexually Violent Predator Civil Commitment Evaluations (WIC §6600)
• Risk for Future Violence Evaluations
• Understanding Miranda Rights Evaluations
• Arson Risk Assessments (PC §457)
• Substance Abuse Evaluations
• Disability and Workers’ Compensation Evaluations (P&P, AME, Workability)
• Veteran Disability Evaluations
• Immigration Evaluations (N-648 Immigration Citizenship Assessment)
• Parental Fitness, Ability to Benefit from Reunification Services (WIC §36i.5(b))
• Dependency/Bonding Studies
• Neuropsychological Evaluations (Cognition and Memory Tests)
• Child Custody Evaluations (PC §730 & §3110)
• Family Mediation services, assisting families in the reunification process and in the resolution of disputes
• Jury Consultation
• Witness Preparation
• Expert Witness Consultation/Services
• Expert Witness Cross Examination Consultations

Civil Experience

Forensic Evaluations:

• Employment-Related

o Wrongful Termination Cases
o Right to Carry a Concealed Weapon
o Work-Related Injury & Neuropsychological Testing (Cognition and Memory Tests)
o Fitness for Duty

• Licensing Cases

o Inappropriate Sexual Professional Misconduct
o Drug and Alcohol Abuse & Misconduct
o Possession of a Firearm

• Psychological Damages (Emotional Distress Claims)
• Neuropsychological Injury- Work Related, Vehicle Accidents (Cognition and Memory Tests)
• Civil Commitment (Mentally Disordered Evaluations)
• Conservatorship (WIC 5008 (h)(1)(b) Murphy Conservatorship – Gravely Disabled)
• Parental Fitness and Rights
• Worker Compensation Benefit Claims (Emotional Injury/Head Trauma)
• Social Security Denial Claims

Specialized Panels & Associations

• Psychwest, Clinical & Forensic Psychology, Inc., President, CEO, 2015 – Current
• Board of Parole Hearings Panel, 2005 – 2022, Former
• Multiple forensic panels
• American Psychological Association (APA)
• American Psychological Association Accredited Continuing Education Provider
• California Psychological Association, Division I, Clinical and Professional Practice (CPA)
• California Psychology Internship Council (CAPIC) Formal Internship Program, Supervisor and Director, Former
• Alliant International University. Doctoral Practicum-Intern Supervisor, Clinical Psychology – Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), Former
• Sacramento Valley Forensic, President
• Sacramento Valley Child Custody Evaluators Group, Former
• Sacramento Court Family Law Child Custody Panel, Former
• Pacific Cascade Psychological Association (PCPA), Former

 Consultative Services Established

  • • California Department of State Hospitals (DSH)
  • • Department of Justice (DOJ)
  • • Board of Parole Hearings (BPH)
  • • Mental Health Restoration/Rehabilitation Treatment for Probationers/Parolees
  • • Mental Competency Assessment and Training (MCAT) Community-Based Program, Juvenile and Adult Competency to Stand Trial Assessment and Restoration Services, Ventura County Juvenile & Superior Court
  • • DSM-5, Exploring Contemporary Issues in Forensic Settings Juvenile and Adult Complexities (Learning Disabilities, Competency To Stand Trial, Insanity Cases, Risk Assessments) – Public Defender Office
  • • “Mental Competency Evaluations, What You Should Know,” Yuba-Sutter Attorney Bar Meeting
  • • California Psychological Association, Roundtable Presenter. “Assessing Couples and Building an Online Psychology Practices.”
  • • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Seminar Presenter. “Couples Communication Enrichment Program: Therapy and Assessment of Couples.”
  • • Alliant International University, Continuing Education Instructor. Couples Communication Enrichment Program: Therapy and Assessment of Couples

 Achievements & Accolades

  • • Psychwest, Clinical & Forensic Psychology, Inc., President, CEO, 2015 – Current
  • • Specialized Neuropsychological Training:
    • o Behavioral Neurobiology: Pass with Honors
    • o Psychopharmacology: Pass with Honors
    • o Clinical Case Conference: Pass with Honors

Media Appearances and Consultation

  • • CBS News Sacramento
    • o Expert Consultant and Analyst for CBS News – Consulted on the 2012 mass shooting incident of James Holmes where he was charged with 24 counts of murder and 140 counts of attempted murder in Aurora, Colorado. Provided an analysis and psychological profile of James Holmes, including the discussion of competency proceedings – A special guest appearance with reporter, Steve Large, regarding the Holmes’ case.

  • • CBS News Sacramento
      • o Expert Consultant and Analyst for CBS News – Consulted on the 2013 mass shooting incident of Christopher Dorner. Provided an analysis and psychological profile of Christopher Dorner, and reviewed and provided an in-depth explanation and opinion as to the seriousness of his manifesto describing his feelings of revenge.

  • • CW 31 Good Day Sacramento
    • o Expert Consultant and Analyst for Good Day Sacramento – Consulted on the 2012 mass shooting incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Discussed how to respond to children and the impact incidents like these have on children and adults.

  • • KFBK1530 Talk News Radio with John Lobertini and Kitty O’Neal/Sacramento
    • o Interview and cover story on couple’s communication

  • • ABC News, Sacramento & Company/Sacramento, (3 Shows)
    • o Interview and cover story on couple’s communication, including live communication profile readings

Specialized Training/Certifications

  • Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest -2 Administrator & Interpreter Certification
  • Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest – Abel-Blasingame Assessment for •Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Administrator & Interpreter Certification
  • American Academy of Forensic Psychology, “Assessing Allegations of Trauma in Forensic Contexts.”
  • American Academy of Forensic Psychology, “Ethical and Effective Expert Testimony.”
  • American Academy of Forensic Psychology, “Evaluation of Fitness for Duty: Foundations & Methods.”
  • American Academy of Forensic Psychology, “Evaluation of Police Candidate Suitability: Advances in Empirically-Based Methods.”
  • The Steve Frankel Group, LLC, “Forensic Family Assessment and Treatment: Legal and Ethical Updates.”
  • The Steve Frankel Group, LLC, “Intimate Partner Violence: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Headed.”
  • Forensic Mental Health Association of California, “Effective Treatment of •Violent Juvenile Delinquents: Mendota.”
  • Forensic Mental Health Association of California, “Evidence for and •Against the Use of Antisocial Personality Disorders.”
  • Forensic Mental Health Association of California, “Polygraph and •California Sex Offender Containment Model”
  • Forensic Mental Health Association of California, “What Mental Health •Professionals Need to Know about Transfer Hearings.”
  • Forensic Mental Health Association of California, “Jail Based Competency •Treatment Models in California.”
  • QTC, “DMA Gulf War Certification Course.”
  • QTC, “DMA Former Prisoner of War.”
  • Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA), “Competency Training.”
  • American Academy of Forensic Psychology, “Threat Assessment and Management”
  • American Academy of Forensic Psychology, “Competencies in the Criminal Process.”
  • American Academy of Forensic Psychology. “Assessment of Mental State Defenses in Criminal Cases”
  • State of California, Board of Parole Hearings, “Mentally Disordered Offender Orientation.”
  • Forensic Mental Health Association of California, “Competency Assessment and Provision of Restoration Services for Juveniles.”
  • Forensic Mental Health Association of California. “Incompetent to Stand Trial: Guidelines for Examiners and Attorneys
  • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. “Custody Evaluator & Mediator Annual Training Update,” 2013
  • American Academy of Forensic Psychology. “Intensive Forensic Practice •Workshops-Advanced Forensic Psychology Practice: Issues and Applications,” with Alan Goldstein, Ph.D., ABPP
    Workshops-Advanced Forensic Psychology Practice: Issues and Applications,” with Alan Goldstein, Ph.D., ABPP
    • o Trial competence assessments of juveniles
      o Evaluations for juvenile waiver/transfer hearings
      o Personal injury cases: Law, liability and ethics
      o Employment discrimination, harassment and the ADA
      o Case law update
      o Ethical issues in forensic psychology
      o Developments in violence risk assessment
      o Developments in sex offender risk assessment
      o Child custody evaluations: Advances in practice
      o Parenting evaluations in child protective matters
      o Evaluating validity of Miranda rights waivers
      o Strict mens rea examinations
      o Assessment in capital (death penalty) cases
      o Psychological test use in forensic assessments
      o Expert testimony
  • Couples Communication Enrichment Program: Therapy and Assessment of •Couples, Alliant International University
  • Couples Communication Enrichment Program: Therapy and Assessment of •Couples, Alliant International University
  • Juvenile Competency to Stand Trial, APA Approved
  • Sacramento County Advanced Drug & Alcohol Training, Level I, II & III, including SASSI Certification
  • Sacramento County Advanced Group Facilitator Training
  • EMDR Level I & II
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